Our Inspiration

Timeless silhouettes constructed with sustainable methods that marry slow and methodical to sensual and vibrant. We create clothes for those who are intentional about the materials they use to take care of their bodies and our planet. And who are inspired by the unrivaled beauty of the natural world. New essentials. Conscious and dreamy. Langour and libido. 

Our Fabrics

Most of our fabrics are made of natural fibers and recycled materials that reflect our consciousness of the effect we have on the environment and the effect the environment has on us. We believe that style is an extension of our substance, and our purchases reflect our values. We create clothes that allow for self- expression. So we can feel good, and look good, while leaving less waste and more wonder in our wakes.

Our Process

Our small batch collections are made to order in a family-owned factory in New York City. 

Our Commitment

We believe that packaging should be minimal to reduce waste, and our overall footprint, especially when it comes to single-use items. When possible, we choose biodegradable and recyclable materials. 

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